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Campaign continues Still, If you hurry up, you can buy it at a discount

iPhone Unlocking Solution

At we offer the latest software to help you unlock and jailbreak your iphones. Our software up to date and can unlock ANY iphone. The software can unlock phones that were damaged from bad unlockers and can also unlock iphones that were locked due to an update in itunes.


We are a leader in the iphone unlocking industry. You can feel safe knowing that over 100,000 iphone owners have used automaticiphoneunlocker to jailbreak and unlock their iphones safely. Whether you have the original 2G iphone, the 3G iphone, or the newest 3GS iphone, automaticiphoneunlocker can jailbreak and unlock your iphone. Our iphone unlock software is capable of unlocking iphones that have been damaged by other unlocking methods and also iphones that have been previously unlocked but have been relocked due to upgrading through itunes.

Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone Unlock

Is your product compatible with iphones purchased in the USA?
Our product is compatible with iphones purchased in any country throughout the world.

How can I check which firmware version is installed on my iphone?
You can check what firmware is installed on your iphone by going to:

Settings - General - About
The firmware version will be stated next to "Version".
Can you unlock the latest firmware version 4.0 ?
YES - We can now unlock the latest firmware version 4.0

How easy is your product to use?
Our product is extremely easy to use. Along with our software we will provide you with a very simple, illustrated guide displaying exactly how to unlock your iphone. The whole process will take approximately 5 minutes.

How many iPhones can I unlock with the product?
Upon purchasing our iphone unlock solution you will be able to unlock as many iphones as you like.

What features will I lose?
You will not lose any features of your iphone upon unlocking your iphone using our software.

Which iPhones do you unlock?
At the moment we unlock all iphones. If you have a 2G, 3G, or 3GS iphone we can get your phone upgraded to the newest 4.0 firmware and jailbreaked or unlocked.

Do I need my phone 'activated' with AT&T or O2?
Our iphone unlock solution will activate and unlock your iphone, therefore making it unnecessary to activate your iphone with AT&T or O2.

Will you charge for future updates when they become available?
Upon purchasing our product you will receive free lifetime updates, which will enable you to unlock all future upgrades from Apple at no extra cost.

Does your software Jailbreak the iPhone?
Absolutely. Our software does jailbreak your iPhone which will allow you the use of Cydia and 3rd party applications.

Will the iphone unlock solution work on phones that have been activated?
Yes, our product will unlock iphones that have previously been activated.

Is your software compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers?
Our software is compatible with all Operating Systems on both Windows and Macintosh computers. You can select which program that you would like to download from our download page upon purchase.

Why choose us?

Because we are the leaders in the iPhone unlocking industry. We are very proud that we have been voted best for service, product, and support in forums and in the media.

We are really confident with our software and will provide 100% refund guarantee on all orders if you don't succeed to unlock despite our support.

Our customer support will be on hand 24/7. We will always be happy to help you with any questions you have.

Unlock Your iPhone in Just A Few Steps

We provide you with all up to date software to help you unlock and jailbreak your iphone. Then in just a few easy to follow steps, you're done!

To get started, simply purchase and download our software from the members area. You will be able to access the members area directly after purchasing, using your zip code and paypal email, which means you can access it instantly after payment!

2.) Install

Everything is step by step and fully illustrated for you to follow. The whole process only takes a few minutes and you can use it on both Windows and Macs!

3.) Have fun

Once your iphone is unlocked and jailbroken you can access all the features, downloads, and free software! Remember, not only will this make your iphone more exciting to use but will also increase the value of it!