Frequently Asked Questions about iPhone Unlock

Is your product compatible with iphones purchased in the USA?
Our product is compatible with iphones purchased in any country throughout the world.

How can I check which firmware version is installed on my iphone?
You can check what firmware is installed on your iphone by going to:

Settings - General - About
The firmware version will be stated next to "Version".
Can you unlock the latest firmware version 4.0 ?
YES - We can now unlock the latest firmware version 4.0

How easy is your product to use?
Our product is extremely easy to use. Along with our software we will provide you with a very simple, illustrated guide displaying exactly how to unlock your iphone. The whole process will take approximately 5 minutes.

How many iPhones can I unlock with the product?
Upon purchasing our iphone unlock solution you will be able to unlock as many iphones as you like.

What features will I lose?
You will not lose any features of your iphone upon unlocking your iphone using our software.

Which iPhones do you unlock?
At the moment we unlock all iphones. If you have a 2G, 3G, or 3GS iphone we can get your phone upgraded to the newest 4.0 firmware and jailbreaked or unlocked.

Do I need my phone 'activated' with AT&T or O2?
Our iphone unlock solution will activate and unlock your iphone, therefore making it unnecessary to activate your iphone with AT&T or O2.

Will you charge for future updates when they become available?
Upon purchasing our product you will receive free lifetime updates, which will enable you to unlock all future upgrades from Apple at no extra cost.

Does your software Jailbreak the iPhone?
Absolutely. Our software does jailbreak your iPhone which will allow you the use of Cydia and 3rd party applications.

Will the iphone unlock solution work on phones that have been activated?
Yes, our product will unlock iphones that have previously been activated.

Is your software compatible with Windows and Macintosh computers?
Our software is compatible with all Operating Systems on both Windows and Macintosh computers. You can select which program that you would like to download from our download page upon purchase.

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